Creates a browsable web-page from a pgn-notation of chess games.
Online editor c1_editor or windows cmd-tool c1_chess on github for downloading.

Help on online editor:
Put the pgn notation of chess tournament by copy+paste into text area. Click on
Click on
when ready to generate code for web-page.
Click on
if the code will be placed in other html (as blog section). Multi-posting safe, more than one code per html document.
If pgn contains annotations, comments or variants then use styling
Remove variants by clicking on
Sorting by rounds takes place, otherwise click
[sort rounds]
The resulting html codes are
with option
ormally or
imal. Remove checkbox if no compression required.
Chess boards are displayed as images in canvas elements. Adjust
[canvas size]
. Make a shorter
between canvas elements for particular game.
On diagrams no first move is set by

Some browsers as Firefox may not work locally on previews.
The editor is good for annotating. Javascript is much slower than application. Use tool c1_chess.exe to batch the process.
The tool c1_large.exe (++2014.oct) prepares large PGN files for c1_chess.

c1_chess options:
Creates a browsable web-page from pgn-file (optional sorting by rounds)
or creates a txt-file of all boards and moves for chess games from pgn-file

usage: c1_chess  [options]
  options list:
   /S=2k - big event of 2000 games, sorted by rounds
            (default is unsorted, for fast processing on low memory usage)
   /2 - output positions and moves to txt-files (default is html)
   /3 - long notation to txt-files (min.size)
   /T - use tabs in annotations (default is inline)
   /L=4 - set limit of htm-file to 4Mb (default is 2Mb)
   /C=300 - set board canvas size to 300px (default is 200px)
   /I=2k - more board canvases 2000 chars inbetween (default is 8000)
   /D - remove domain to use locally or on other server
   /U - unicode chess symbols for pieces
   /M - multi-posting safe

Sample to process all pgn-files of current folder:
   c1_chess *.pgn /T /L=1 /C=400

Sample to create offline version
   c1_chess bilbaomast13.pgn /D

How to create an offline version, or prepare for domain.

c1_large options:
Creates a bunch of compact-browsables. Start this at first. Analyses best fit.

Usage: c1_large [options]
  options list:
  /D - for local or other domain
  /G=100 - count of games per browsable
  /E - single event file, no sorting
  +other c1_chess options

Sample to process all pgn-files of current folder:
   c1_large /D /C=600

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