Chess game with computer
(ELO 500)
.Silly a dumb chess version for very beginners
.QB64 - qbasic program plays beginner chess
.jsSargon - JS port of old Sargon assembler
.Toledo - small code of O.Toledo G.
.p4wn - smart JS chess of D.Bagnall
.Mixro-Max - a JS version of H.G.Muller'sc-code
.GarboChess - good JS chess by G.Linscott
.js-Jester - a javascript version of
.js-Fruit [
Black version
] - JS-port of Fruit engine of F.Letouzey
.jsCuckoo - slow JS emulation of 64-bit Cuckoo
.jsStockfish - strong Stockfish emscripten port
(ELO 2100 or more)

Good android chess CuckooChess.apk
Other chess collections of android .apk or java .jar files.

Crazyhouse, Suicide chess, Losers
.jsSjeng - ported version of

.Touch chess clock for mobiles
.3D chess puzzles from
.3D TWIC replays of chess masters' tournaments
.Funny chess positions